Swiss Political Poster Exhibition

exhibition, catalog and poster replications
A diverse team of people worked on this exhibition of Swiss political posters made throughout 100 years of Swiss democracy. Together with Diego Flores Magón, I dived into the archive of 100 posters in order to prepare a selection of them for Riso-graph printing. This means that all colors of the digital pictures had to be retraced to their original consistency and separated into clean color separations. It required intensive surgical precision, that resulted in 30 clear Riso-printed reproductions.

I also designed a Riso-printed catalogue, prepared an offset printed mural picture and adjusted documents for the original poster prints in digital offset. The original exhibition used to be on display at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürig under the name Stimmvolk - Volksstimme, Schweizer Abstimmungsplakate 1918 Bis Heute. And is a collection from their archive.

  • preparation of 100 original poster images for print
  • preparation of color separated files for 30 RISO reproduced posters
  • preparation of a large mural print
  • design of the catalog

  • details:
    year: 2017
    assigned by: Swiss Embassy in Mexico City
    printer: Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote / Crater Invertido


    VDP_posters_1 VDP_posters_2 VDP_posters_3 VDP_posters_4 VDP_posters_5 VDP_posters_6 VDP_posters_7
    VDP_cata_1 VDP_cata_2 VDP_cata_3 VDP_cata_4 VDP_cata_5 VDP_cata_6 VDP_cata_7 VDP_cata_8 VDP_cata_9 VDP_cata_10 VDP_cata_11 VDP_cata_12 VDP_cata_13 VDP_cata_14