Historic Synagogue of Justo Sierra

the synagogue
The Justo Sierra Synagogue is an active synagogue, museum about it's own history and of the Jewish communities in Mexico City ...and a cutural center and event space. The building has a double facade, with a patio in between. The first facade, on the street side, doesn't reveal much about the significance of the building. But once entered and confronted with the building behind the building you'll be curious about the place's story.

guided tour design
Mónica Unikel, the director of the synagogue approached me if I could design a self guided tour for the place. She gave me a personal tour and told me the story about the building and the jewish community. Because of the mysterious character I decided to take the labyrinth as a starting point, ...a guide for a labyrinth... Also the straight lines and geometric shapes in the architecture of the building made me think of the straight lines and ninety degrees angles of classic labyrinths. If you follow the open space in between the lines it will direct you to the places where the text continues. To keep the design clear I used a traditional ordering of the text boxes; from left to right and from top down. The straight lines are merely the elements that recall curious association with the labyrinth and connect it to the iconography of the jewish architecture. Furthermore the information is placed in the order of unfolding; following the order of unfolding is following the tour. The paper tourguide's architecture is the building's architecture.

year: 2017
dimensions: tabloid
edition: 500 / 500
assigned by: Historic Synagogue Justo Sierra 71
texts: Mónica Unikel, director and historian
illustrations: Marco Ulises Castellanos
printer: Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote
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