Diego Salvador Rios

the book and the exhibition
Hipotiposis is a poetry book by Diego Salvador Rios that was made for the occasion of his solo exhibition Nunca Godo at Lodos Gallery. The book was part of his work in this exhibition and therefore the design process had to be a very intense collaboration with the artist.

The book exists of two parts, the first part is pure visual, filled with pictures taken by the artist. The second part contained textual poetry and a curatorial text by Ángela Cuahutle. This part was designed from back to front to mirror the visual part. When you open the book in the middle there are two parts, left; the visual part and right; the textual part. In this way you can chose which visual spread you’d like to combine with which textual spread and investigate the artist’s work.

In the exhibition the book was located next to a hammock, this situation was chosen by the artist to relax the visitors when they would like to read and explore the book.

year: 2017
dimensions: 16 x 21 cm
edition: 50
assigned by: Galería Lodos and Eno Ediciones
author: Diego Salvador Rios
translation: Mario Chanona
editor: Eva Posas
print: Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote and Rodrigo Navarro
finishing: Su Yin Wong

Hipotiposis_1 Hipotiposis_2 Hipotiposis_3 Hipotiposis_4 Hipotiposis_5 Hipotiposis_6 Hipotiposis_7 Hipotiposis_8 Hipotiposis_9 Hipotiposis_10 Hipotiposis_11 Hipotiposis_12 Hipotiposis_13 Hipotiposis_14 Hipotiposis_15 Hipotiposis_16