Art Journal Dummy

Ahorita is a critical and investigative journal about contemporary art in Mexico directed by Dr. Francesco Scasciamacchia; it’s a quarterly publication with 3 volumes per year. It will be divided in two parts: critical essays and reviews. The first one will contain four essays about specific subjects, the second one will contain four reviews about expositions and events in Mexico. In addition to the printed publication there is a website where you can review the headers of each number and obtain the reviews of the articles and biographical sketches of the authors included in the journal. The website will be linked to our Facebook page and Instagram profile.

In Mexico ahorita is a word open to interpretation, it could mean ‘right now’, or ‘in a moment’, but it could also mean ‘never’. By using this term as the title of a journal, we are recognizing it’s semantic richness, the capacity to live unstable, indecisive, fluctuating. This journal shares with Ahorita the need to remain uncertain as a condition to stay open to interpretations; recognizing that only through an instable position it is possible to generate a wide spectrum of questions. When living in the unstable, this journal rejects a predetermined ideological position and takes the characteristics of "the indefinite" as a position from which transformations can take place. Ahorita aims to be an agent of this transformation.

logo design
The logo is a remodeling of the initial creative concept. It is a new interpretation based on my professional vision on the identity of Ahorita. The design before was a logo in original letters, very simple, but without a distinctive identity. That's why I design a logo with connected letters, more like a script but with the appearance of italics. I also attached a detail at the end of the "h" for a more cheerful and distinctive look.

dummy design
The design of the dummy was meant to be very simple and with respect for typography use of academic texts. The art journal invites art critics, titleholders and writers; academically educated authors. Therefore we want to avoid conflicts with the placement and publication of the content of the authors. The first language is Spanish, the texts in Spanish will be in a single column and serif typography while the English texts will be in double columns, sans serif and smaller. In the Spanish texts we put quotes that represent the topics to drag the attention of the reader so it’s easier to find interesting texts to read or to decide wether you want to buy the new edition of Ahorita. Editors and authors together will choose which quotes we will enlarge.

year: 2018 / 2019 (ongoing project)
dummy dimensions: 17,5 x 22,5 cm
edition: 2 (dummies)
assigned by: Francesco Scasciamacchia
director and founder: Francesco Scasciamacchia
coordinator and founder: Mariana Mañón
editor at large: José Falconi
research: Paola Medina
design: Geert Lebens
printer: Jorge Cuellar
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