Narrative Objects - 2015

speculative objects


A shape library of interesting shape elements. physical vocabulary (images).

Through the Cracks of Global Trade - 2016

anthropological research / concept case


An anthropological research on how the failure of political systems and a global economic system influences the life in Centro Historico, Mexico City. The research reveals the unwritten laws, an informal infrastructure, unbooked stories and social systems that go beyond a shadow economy that has derived from the failure of local and nationwide politics. Centro Historico is an example of the duality of influence that global trading systems have on peoples wealth and eliminate political influence.


The interesting result is a bottom-up built societal system instead of a from the top inflicted system based on a political utopia. The research asks questions about the obsoleteness of totalitarian politics and the power of money in a global free market. Where politics fail, people unite.


This project was part of the GDA Summer Sessions 2016, Future Archeology.

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Concept Shoe - 2015

form study / workshop


This concept shoe is the result of a two weeks workshop, which included the basic elements of designing and the craft of shoe making. The design is based on sport shoes (specifically on cycling shoes). The partially open structure and elastic bands are inspired by muscle structures around bone joints.


The workshop was given by Lillian Sanderson and Elsien Gringhuis at ArtEZ institute for the Arts.

Abiogenesis Chair - 2014

form study



a • bi • o • gen • e • sis [ey-bahy-oh-jen-uh-sis, ab-ee-oh-], noun, Biology

The now discredited theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously from inanimate matter; spontaneous generation.

Concept Shoe - 2015

form study / workshop


workshop by Lillian Sanderson and Elsien Gringhuis at ArtEZ institute for the Arts.

Craft Thinking Design Making - 2015

interviews / editing


Catalogue. A collection of background stories about the graduates of Product Design, ArtEZ, Arnhem with a focus on their graduation projects. Based on interviews. | published: Juli 1, 2015

2053 - 2015

speculative scenario


An exhibition about future scenarios on mobility.


Exhibition leaflet and space farm model.

Temporal - 2016

interviews / editing


A publication about the 2016 Driving Dutch Design program based on interviews with seventeen designers and the organizers of the program. On the occasion of Dutch Design Week 2016 | Assigned by: BNO, ABN AMRO & Dutch Design Week. | published: October 22, 2016

OPA reports - 2016

reporting / editing


Reporter at Ontwerp Platform Arnhem. A series of reports of design symposiums organized in Showroom Arnhem, for the website of OPA.




photo: Eva Broekema

Through the Cracks of Global Trade - 2016



A research project in the streets of Centro Historico, Mexico City during the GDA Summer Sessions.


The Introverted Aftermath - 2015

speculative suit

The Introverted Aftermath - 2015

speculative suit

Narrative Objects - 2015

speculative objects


Narrative Objects is a project that opened an autonomous research case, Investigating the human relation between the imagination of the mind and the physicality of the object.


The research is meant to collect insight in the human relation with objects. Attempting to stimulate the brain to explore the power of the mind by colliding the familiar with the unfamiliar. During the philosophical and physical research I became more aware of the systems that dictate our senses of reality and the ways we define and explain it. The research is about the acceptance of the unfamiliar, the alienating, in order to accept it as a reality or a new judging system that criticizes the conservative collective memory.

The Introverted Aftermath - 2015

speculative suit


Man kind has estranged itself from the ecosystem it is assigned to. All it's interventions in the earths environment has transformed the earth into a hostile environment. Our technologically enhanced bodies need to coop with polluted air, toxic food, strange breeds of crops and more extreme exposure to radiation. The Introverted Aftermath is not about the suit, but about what is in it. A body with strange new organs and processes so estranged to it’s nature that it needs to be protected to not disturb the bodily processes.

A Wearable Day - 2014

speculative wearable


What will our near future be like with our expanding 24/7 society and our nights turning into days and days into nights? This wearable light contains small LED-lights with a high concentration of blue light in their spectrum. The blue light suppresses melatonin production, the hormone that makes you sleepy. The concentration is comparable with the amount in day light, simulating a day situation. It's position prevents dazzling effects.

Design Research Arnhem - 2014

workshop / research


A workshop Design Research by Bas Kools at ArtEZ institute for the Arts. An interesting long lasting workshop of testing out several research methodologies from information gathering to participation and engagement. The workshop resulted in an exhibition of the mapped out information.


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Experiment with natural materials, making bio plastics. A workshop by Eric Klarenbeek.

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